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Welcome to our 5-day guided tour of Switzerland, where we’ll take you on an unforgettable journey through some of the country’s most beautiful and iconic destinations.

Over the next five days, we’ll explore the charming old town of Zurich, the picturesque town of Lucerne, the scenic alpine landscapes of Interlaken, the cosmopolitan city of Geneva, and many more destinations in between. You’ll have the chance to see some of the most famous landmarks in Switzerland, taste some of the country’s renowned cuisine, and experience this Switzerland’s unique culture and history.

Destination On Our 5-Day Switzerland Tour

Day 1: Zurich

one day tour of Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland

Your private guide will meet you at a pre-arranged location, such as your hotel or a central meeting point in Zurich, to kick off your full-day tour of the city.

Your guide will introduce themselves, get to know you, and tailor the tour to your interests and preferences. They’ll also provide an overview of the day’s itinerary and answer any questions you may have.

Once you’re ready, your guide will lead you to your first stop and begin the adventure!

Old Town Walking Tour

After the introduction, your private guide will take you on a walking tour of Zurich’s picturesque Old Town. This charming area is full of historical architecture, narrow alleyways, and bustling streets that will give you a sense of the city’s character and vibe.

Your guide will point out significant landmarks and structures such as the iconic Fraumünster and Grossmünster churches, City Hall, and the colorful buildings along the Limmat River. They will also share stories and legends about the city’s past and present, providing exciting insights into Zurich’s culture and identity.

As you stroll through the Old Town’s winding streets, you can stop at local shops and cafes, sample Swiss treats, and browse souvenirs. Your guide can recommend the best places to try Swiss specialties like chocolate, cheese, and pastries. In addition, you’ll have plenty of time to snap photos, ask questions, and soak in the atmosphere of one of Zurich’s oldest and most charming neighborhoods.

By the end of the Old Town walking tour, you’ll have a good sense of Zurich’s unique blend of old-world charm and modern vitality.

Grossmünster Church

One of the most iconic landmarks of Zurich is the Grossmünster Church, a Romanesque-style church with distinctive twin towers that dominates the city’s skyline. Your guide will provide skip-the-line access to the church so that you can bypass the crowds and enjoy more time exploring this stunning landmark.

Once inside, your guide will point out the notable features of the church, such as the stained glass windows and the crypt. You’ll learn about the history and significance of the Grossmünster, which was founded in the 9th century and has played a central role in Swiss history and culture. You’ll also get to admire the church’s architecture and design, including the impressive vaulted ceilings.

As you explore the Grossmünster, your guide will share interesting facts and stories about the church, including its role in the Protestant Reformation and its connections to prominent historical figures such as Charlemagne and Huldrych Zwingli. You’ll also have time to take in the serene atmosphere and perhaps light a candle or reflect.

Lunch Break

After exploring the Grossmünster Church, it’s time for a well-deserved lunch break. Your guide will recommend a local restaurant specializing in traditional Swiss cuisine, allowing you to sample some delicious local dishes and flavors.

Cruise on Lake Zurich

After lunch, your private guide will take you to Lake Zurich for a relaxing boat ride. As you glide over the water, you’ll have a chance to take in stunning panoramic views of the city and the surrounding mountains, including the Alps in the distance.

During the boat ride on Lake Zurich, your guide will provide an overview of the lake’s history and geography while pointing out some of the most significant landmarks and attractions that line the shoreline. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to see some of the region’s most stunning villas, parks, and gardens, including the Bellevue Palace, the Chinese Garden, and the Botanical Garden.

The boat will stop at some of the most charming lakeside villages, allowing you to explore local culture and traditions. For instance, you may visit Rapperswil, a medieval town at the southern end of the lake, renowned for its historic castle, narrow streets, and delightful waterfront promenade. Alternatively, visit Horgen, famous for its picturesque old town and beautiful parks.

Lindt Chocolate Factory Tour

Lindt Factory, Zurich, Switzerland
Lindt Factory, Zurich, Switzerland

A must-visit destination for chocolate lovers, the Lindt Chocolate Factory in Zurich, located in the suburb of Kilchberg, offers a unique opportunity to learn about the history of chocolate-making and indulge in some of the most delicious chocolate in the world.

Your guided tour will begin with an introduction to the history of chocolate-making and the Lindt company, followed by a factory tour. Next, your guide will lead you through the various stages of chocolate production, providing insight into the techniques used to create Lindt’s exquisite chocolates.

As you explore the factory, you’ll have the chance to taste some of Lindt’s most popular chocolate flavors, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. You’ll also learn about the different ingredients used in chocolate-making and how they contribute to Lindt’s chocolate’s unique flavors and textures.

After the factory tour, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the Lindt chocolate shop, where you can purchase a wide variety of Lindt chocolates at discounted prices. The shop offers a range of delectable products, from classic chocolate bars to luxurious truffles and pralines, as well as chocolate-themed souvenirs and gifts. So with a belly full of delicious chocolate, you’ll leave the factory feeling satisfied and sweet-toothed.

Overnight in Zurich.

Day 2: Lucerne

Lucerne, Switzerland
The Chapel Bridge, Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne is just a 40-minute drive from your Zurich accommodation with your private driver. One of our luxury vehicles is from a picturesque city in central Switzerland, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and crystal-clear lakes.

It is known for its well-preserved medieval architecture, charming old town, and scenic waterfront promenade.

Lucerne Old Town Walking Tour

Your guided tour of Lucerne will begin with a stroll through the charming Old Town. Then, your guide will take you through the city’s rich history, pointing out landmarks and providing insight into the local culture.

You’ll see the old city walls, picturesque squares, and centuries-old buildings, many adorned with colorful murals and frescoes. Then, as you walk through the narrow cobblestone streets, you’ll soak up the unique atmosphere of Lucerne and get a sense of what life was like in this medieval town.

Your guide will also take you to some of the most important sights in the Old Town, such as the Town Hall, which dates back to the 17th century and boasts a beautiful Renaissance façade. You’ll also see the famous Weinmarkt Square, where you’ll find the charming Fountain of the Four Seasons, a popular local meeting spot.

Throughout the tour, your guide will share stories and anecdotes about the city’s past and present, giving you a deeper understanding of Lucerne’s rich history and culture. So whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning traveler, this Old Town Walking Tour is an excellent way to experience the best of Lucerne.

Mount Pilatus Cable Car and Alpine Views

Cable Car to Mount Pilatus, Switzerland
Cable Car to Mount Pilatus, Switzerland

One of the most spectacular attractions in Lucerne is Mount Pilatus, and your private tour will take you on an unforgettable journey to the summit. The journey begins with a scenic cable car ride from Kriens to the top of the mountain, which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

As you ascend the mountain, you’ll be surrounded by Alpine meadows, forests, and sheer rock faces, all of which provide an impressive backdrop for your journey. Once you reach the top of Mount Pilatus, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of Lucerne, the lake, and the surrounding mountains.

Your guide will take you to the observation deck, which offers 360-degree views of the stunning Alpine scenery. You’ll have the opportunity to take plenty of photos and enjoy the fresh mountain air before exploring the mountain’s other attractions.

Several hiking trails lead through the mountain’s stunning landscapes, or you can visit the Pilatus Dragon Park, where you can learn about the myths and legends associated with the mountain. You can also explore the restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops at the summit, taking in the unique atmosphere of this incredible location.

Evening Chapel Bridge and Water Tower Tour

After your Mount Pilatus experience, your chauffeur will return you to the center of Lucerne as the sun begins to set and the city’s lights come alive. Next, your private guide will take you on a magical evening tour of the iconic Chapel Bridge and Water Tower.

The Chapel Bridge is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Lucerne, and the covered wooden bridge is adorned with colorful flowers and paintings that date back to the 17th century. Your guide will stroll across the bridge, pointing out the various paintings depicting the city’s history and legends.

As you reach the Water Tower, your guide will share fascinating stories about the tower’s history and purpose. The tower was initially built as part of the city’s fortifications and has served as a prison, torture chamber, and treasury throughout its history. You’ll have the opportunity to climb the tower and take in the stunning views of the city from the top.

The evening tour provides a unique perspective on these iconic landmarks, as the city lights and reflections on the river create a beautiful atmosphere. Your guide will also highlight other landmarks along the river, such as the Jesuit Church and the KKL Luzern concert hall.

As you walk along the riverbank, you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy the local food and drink scene, with plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from. Your guide can recommend some of the best places to enjoy local specialties or sip a refreshing drink as you soak up the atmosphere.

Enjoy your evening meal in the city before returning to your accommodation.

Simply outstanding! We visited Italy in September & used Luxe for all our tours and we can honestly say, they were the best! Right from the start, communication was easy and professional. Amy and her guides were able to customize their tours to suit our interests! If you want bespoke tours, I wouldn’t use anyone else. We would highly recommend Luxe & will definitely use them again when we next visit Italy!
Luxe Travel TripAdvisor

Day 3: Bern

bridge over a canal in Bern City, Switzerland, lined with traditional style houses.
Bern, Switzerland

Join your driver in the morning to make the 1-hour journey to the Capital city of Switzerland, Bern.

Bern is the fourth largest city in Switzerland and is known for its well-preserved medieval Old Town, beautiful scenery, and rich history. Your guide will give you an overview of the city’s history and culture as you go to the first attraction on tour. You can also ask any questions and get personalized recommendations from your guide throughout the day.

Zytglogge Clock Tower

The Zytglogge Clock Tower is one of the most famous landmarks in Bern and a must-see attraction on your tour.

Your guide will take you to the tower, which is located in the heart of the city’s Old Town. The tower features an astronomical clock built in the 15th century and is still in working condition today. Your guide will explain the history and significance of the clock and tell you about the various figures that move and come to life when the clock strikes the hour. You will have the opportunity to take photos and marvel at the intricate design of the clock tower before continuing on your tour of Bern.

Bern Old Town Walking Tour

After visiting the Zytglogge Clock Tower, your guide will take you on a walking tour of Bern’s beautiful Old Town. You will stroll through narrow streets and alleys that date back to the 15th century, admiring the city’s historic architecture and charming atmosphere. Your guide will highlight important landmarks and attractions, including the beautiful fountains, the Parliament building, and the Bern Minster cathedral. You will learn about the city’s rich history and role in Swiss politics and culture. The tour will also take you to the Kramgasse, Bern’s main shopping street, where you can explore the local boutiques and shops. Your guide will provide insights and recommendations on the best places to shop and dine, and you will have time to stop and take photos of the beautiful scenery.

Rose Garden and Panoramic Views

Our next stop on this tour of Bern is the Rosengarten, which offers stunning panoramic views of the city and the surrounding mountains. The name “Rosengarten” translates to “Rose Garden,” It is a fitting name as the garden is filled with colorful and fragrant rose bushes.

Walking through the garden, you will be surrounded by vibrant flowers and plants, creating a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. But the real highlight of the Rosengarten is the breathtaking view it offers. From the garden, you’ll see the entire city of Bern, with its distinctive red-roofed buildings, the Aare River flowing through the city, and the surrounding mountains in the distance.

As we take in the panoramic views, your guide will share interesting facts and stories about the history and culture of Bern. You’ll also be able to take photos and capture this stunning scenery.

Einstein House

Next on our tour is the Einstein House, the former residence of the world-renowned physicist Albert Einstein. This is where Einstein lived with his family from 1903 to 1905 when he was working as a patent clerk in Bern and developing his groundbreaking theories that revolutionized the world of physics.

During your visit, you can explore the apartment where Einstein and his family lived, which has been preserved and restored to its original condition. You’ll see the modest living quarters and get a sense of the everyday life of the Einstein family.

In addition to the living quarters, the house also features a museum where you can learn about Einstein’s life and work, including his time in Bern and his contributions to modern physics. The museum includes interactive exhibits and displays that provide a glimpse into the mind of one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century.

Cheese and Chocolate Tasting Experience

For a delightful and indulgent evening experience, we will take you on a cheese and chocolate-tasting journey to explore Switzerland’s delicious and famous flavors.

Our first stop will be a cheese factory where we’ll learn about the traditional Swiss cheese-making process and taste some of the best cheeses in the country. Next, you’ll discover the differences between each cheese type and learn about the unique characteristics and flavors that make Swiss cheese special.

Next, we’ll take a short walk to a chocolate shop to sample some of the finest Swiss chocolate. You’ll learn about the history of Swiss chocolate-making and what sets it apart from other chocolates worldwide. During the tasting, you’ll have the chance to try different types of chocolate with varying cocoa percentages and flavor profiles.

Overnight in Bern.

Day 4: Lauterbrunnen Valley

Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland. snow capped mountain in background of green valley.
Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland

On the morning of day four, your private driver will deliver you to your hotel in Lauterbrunnen, which will take just over 1 hour.

The Lauterbrunnen Valley is one of the most picturesque regions in Switzerland, known for its dramatic alpine scenery, cascading waterfalls, and charming mountain villages. Our tour will begin with an overview of the valley as we travel through the winding roads that offer incredible views of the surrounding mountains and countryside.

During this part of the tour, your guide will introduce the history and culture of the Lauterbrunnen Valley, sharing fascinating stories and facts about the region’s geological formation, people, and traditions. In addition, you’ll learn about the valley’s role in Swiss history and its importance as a destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Trümmelbach Falls Visit

Your first stop on tour is a visit to the Trümmelbach Falls, a series of ten cascading waterfalls inside a mountain. As we arrive, you will hear the powerful sound of water rushing down the falls from a distance.

To reach the falls, we’ll take an elevator built inside the mountain that will take us up several floors to the entrance. From there, we will walk through a series of tunnels and pathways built within the mountain, providing a great and unique perspective on the falls.

As we approach each level of the falls, you’ll feel the water mist on your skin, and the sound of the falls will grow louder and more intense. The falls are awe-inspiring during the summer months when the snow and ice melt, causing an increased water flow and making the falls even more powerful.

Your guide will share interesting facts about the Trümmelbach Falls and the surrounding area, providing a deeper understanding of the geology and natural processes that have created this excellent site. You’ll also have ample time to take photos of the falls and appreciate their majesty and beauty.

Overall, the Trümmelbach Falls visit is a highlight of the tour, offering a one-of-a-kind experience that combines natural beauty and man-made engineering. It’s a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the Lauterbrunnen Valley and one you won’t soon forget.

Explore Mürren Village

Our next stop on tour is the charming mountain village of Mürren, located at an altitude of 5,413 feet (1,650 meters) above sea level. As we arrive, you’ll be struck by the stunning views of the surrounding mountains, including the iconic peaks of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.

We’ll take a leisurely stroll through the quaint streets of Mürren, soaking up the ambiance of this traditional Swiss village. Your guide will point out notable landmarks, such as the historic Hotel Bellevue, which was once a favorite spot of James Bond author Ian Fleming.

During our walk, you’ll also have the opportunity to browse the local shops and boutiques, which offer a range of Swiss souvenirs, including chocolates, cheeses, and handcrafted goods. Your guide will be on hand to provide recommendations and insights into the best places to shop and explore.

As we make our way through the village, we’ll stop at a local restaurant for a coffee or a traditional Swiss snack, such as a slice of delicious Swiss cheese or a mouth-watering chocolate dessert. You’ll have the chance to sit back and relax while enjoying the stunning alpine scenery surrounding us.

Cable Car to Schilthorn Peak

Our next stop on tour is a cable car ride to the summit of Schilthorn Peak, one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. As we ascend to an altitude of 9,744 feet (2,970 meters), you’ll be treated to breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, valleys, and glaciers.

During the ride, your guide will share insights into the history and engineering behind the cable car, which was built in the 1960s and remains an engineering marvel. You’ll also learn about the local flora and fauna that inhabit the area and gain a deeper appreciation for the unique beauty and fragility of the alpine environment.

As we reach the summit, you’ll step out onto a viewing platform that offers unobstructed 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape. You’ll be able to see as far as the Black Forest in Germany and the Mont Blanc massif in France, and on a clear day, you may even catch a glimpse of the Matterhorn.

At the summit, we’ll also visit the Piz Gloria revolving restaurant, famous in the 1969 James Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” Here, you can enjoy a delicious meal or refreshments while taking in the stunning views.

Giessbach Waterfall and Grandhotel

Our last destination for the day is a visit to the Giessbach Waterfall and the Grandhotel Giessbach, a historic hotel located on the shores of Lake Brienz. As we arrive, you’ll be struck by the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape, with the waterfall cascading down a rocky cliff face and the tranquil lake providing a peaceful backdrop.

We’ll take a short walk to the waterfall’s base, where you can take in the mighty rush of water and feel the refreshing mist on your skin. Your guide will share interesting facts about the geology and natural processes that have created this stunning natural wonder.

Next, we’ll go to the Grandhotel Giessbach, a grand 19th-century hotel that has hosted numerous dignitaries and celebrities over the years. We’ll stroll through the hotel’s beautifully landscaped gardens, which offer stunning views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

Our tour planners will consult with you beforehand to determine if you want to stay in the Grandhotel Giessbach for the evening or return to Lauterbrunnen with your chauffeur.

10 day trip to Italy Planned a 10 day trip in Italy with Travel by Luxe. The experience did not disappoint. We had wonderful guides and terrific drivers. Initially spoke to Amy but then dealt with Marta in planning trip. Best parts of the trip included trip to Pisa and Lucca with Viola. Luxe arranged for tickets to climb the leaning tower which my son said was the highlight of the trip. In Lucca we took a leisurely bike ride on the walls of the city and had one of our best lunches at restaurant Viola took us to. Also had Viola for a tour of Florence. She was very adaptive to our family that included two teenagers and made sure to include activities that kept their attention. Also great experience with Kylie in Rome who took us on a fantastic food tour. Finally, perhaps a bit off the beaten path but did a tour of a prosciutto factory near Parma and then had lunch cooked by our guide, Stefani, that our boys really enjoyed. Would also recommend the bike tour of Appian Way with Glenn- would suggest the e-bikes but we did with regular bikes and didn’t feel it was too difficult. Marta was also very responsive to our questions while we were in Italy. Our hotel in Rome (Rome Life), in Venice (Sina Centurion Palace) and in Modena (Best Western) were all terrific. Wonderful trip which I would not have been able to plan without Luxe.

Day 5: Geneva

flags lining bridge in Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland

The final day of our five days in Switzerland itinerary will begin bright and early as the drive to Geneva will take approx 2.5 hours.

Our full-day tour of Geneva will start with an introduction to the city and its fascinating history.

As we walk through the city streets, your guide will share insights into Geneva’s unique blend of European and Swiss influences and explain how the city has evolved into the cosmopolitan hub it is today.

Exploring the Historic Heart of Geneva

Your first stop on tour is the Old Town of Geneva, a historic and picturesque neighborhood that offers a glimpse into the city’s medieval past. Next, we’ll explore the St. Pierre Cathedral, a stunning gothic structure that dominates the city skyline.

You’ll marvel at the intricate stained glass windows and impressive organ inside the cathedral. Your guide will share fascinating stories about the cathedral’s history and point out some of the unique architectural features that make it such a special place.

From there, we’ll make our way through the narrow cobbled streets of the Old Town, stopping at some of the neighborhood’s most notable landmarks, such as the Maison Tavel, a medieval house that now houses the Museum of Geneva’s History.

You’ll also have the chance to see the Old Arsenal, the Town Hall, and the Place du Bourg-de-Four, a charming square that has been a center of activity in the city for centuries.

Jet d'Eau and Lake Geneva: Scenic Views and Waterfront Walks

Jet d'eau Fountain, Lake Geneva
Jet d'eau Fountain, Lake Geneva

Next, on our full-day tour of Geneva, we’ll head to the beautiful Lake Geneva to enjoy breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings. Our first stop will be the famous Jet d’Eau, one of the most iconic symbols of Geneva.

The Jet d’Eau is a spectacular water fountain that shoots up 140 meters, creating a dramatic display of water and mist everywhere around the city. You’ll have plenty of time to take photos and enjoy the stunning views of the lake and the Alps in the background.

After admiring the Jet d’Eau, we’ll take a stroll along the shores of Lake Geneva, taking in the area’s scenic beauty. Your guide will share stories and anecdotes about the lake and its surroundings and highlight some notable landmarks and attractions that line the waterfront.

We’ll also stop at some of the picturesque parks and gardens that dot the lake shore, allowing you to relax and enjoy the area’s tranquil beauty. So whether you’re interested in photography, nature, or simply enjoying the outdoors, the tour’s Jet d’Eau and Lake Geneva portion is a can’t-miss experience.

Secret Gems: Hidden Spots and Local Favorites

A tour of Geneva would only be complete with exploring some of the city’s hidden gems and local favorites. So our next stop on tour will take us off the beaten path and into some of the city’s lesser-known areas, where we’ll discover some of Geneva’s best-kept secrets.

Our first stop will be Carouge, a charming neighborhood often described as the “Greenwich Village” of Geneva. You’ll discover narrow streets with trendy shops, independent boutiques, and artisanal cafes here.

We’ll also visit the Plainpalais Flea Market, one of the city’s most beloved institutions, where you can browse for vintage treasures and unique souvenirs.

We’ll also explore some of the city’s lesser-known parks and gardens, including the Parc des Bastions, which features the famous Reformation Wall, and the Jardin Botanique, a lush oasis of greenery and flowers is a favorite among locals.

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