How To Travel To Italy Post-COVID

Is travel to Italy safe? How do we safely travel to Italy post-COVID you may be wondering.

What will going to the Colosseum look like? Do we stand in lines? How many people will be in close parameters? Many questions have come up about safely traveling to Italy since this whole Coronavirus explosion took over the world.

Being a private tour guide in Italy hasn’t been easy this year, but one thing is for sure-I couldn’t be more glad that I offer PRIVATE tours in Italy, there’s never been a better time for privacy than now!


So why should you choose a private tour post-COVID? Here are my top 10


1. It’s safer. Only you and your crew

Don’t worry about being in a group of 20 people you don’t know, on a private tour, it’s just you and your family! Avoid the risk of being in crowds.


2. You can navigate around crowds easily

Guides have special access and entrances that the general public does not have which you get to take advantage of in a private tour.


3. It’s more efficient

A private guide definitely knows the ins and outs of their select city. They have studied this, they live there, and they know what is worth bringing to your attention. If you decide to tour by yourself you could waste valuable time getting lost, getting caught in tourist traps, or missing important historical parts of the city.


4. It’s flexible. Go at your own pace

If you want to stop and smell the flowers and change how long you stay at a certain site- you can! In a private tour, you are in charge, you get what you pay for and here it’s flexibility.


5. Tour by car and forget the risks

There are private tours offered by car! Forget the Coronavirus and its distance problems, stay in the car to view Rome, get out when you want at off-the-beaten-path sites. We do this on our Hidden Ancient Rome Driving Tour. It’s perfect for a luxury view of Rome.


6. It’s not restrictive like a big group would be

Like we said, private tours are very flexible. If you prefer to avoid hot spots in Rome then ask your Rome tour guide to start or end the tour in a different spot, it’s not a big deal! Having a problem with time? Just ask and they’ll adjust the schedule for you – a request you could never make in a group tour!

To start creating your own custom tour of Rome, check out our Rome Tours page.


7. Special access skip-the-line tickets

You know when you tour alone in a big city, or in a big group, you often don’t have the luxury of skip-the-line tickets or special entrances. Well, this couldn’t be more valuable these days! Take advantage of private tours and all the benefits they offer.

Some of our most popular skip-the-line tours include the Skip The Line St. Mark’s Basilica & Doge’s Palace Tour in Venice, the Private Florence Museum Tour, and our Private Vatican Tour in Rome.  


8. You get a one-on-one relationship with your guide

As your private guide carefully plans your private tour they’ll take into consideration the emails swapped over time and make sure to cater the tour to your personality, likes and dislikes, and so forth to make it worth every minute.


9. More options for those with mobility issues

Indeed. If you’re on a private tour and have any type of mobility issues a private guide would be able to adapt to your needs and re-route the tour, hire a private car, speak to the museum staff ahead of time about elevator access, and make the tour work for you.


10. Insider connections passed on to you

As you build a relationship with your guide and reveal other questions you may have during the tour like a great place to eat for dinner or how to get a boat in Capri your private guide most likely will know the guy to call or recommend their go-to restaurant owned by a friend in Rome. In Italy everything is about word of mouth, so on a private tour, you can definitely take advantage of that extra knowledge!


View our private tours in Italy and book a tour for your next vacation in Italy!


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